Thursday, April 20, 2017

Fat Man Squeeze

 So there is this hike that I have heard about many times and really wanted to go on, so Devon asked the librarian at the school, Parker, to take us.  It is one of those hikes with no trail so you have to go with someone that knows the way.  Anyway it was a really pretty hike.  We started by hiking to the top of this Mesa.

 Then we pretty much slid down the other side, like literally slid down the slick and and slightly wet and freezing rock and hoped we stopped before we broke a leg.
 Then we got to the really exciting part where you get to do this over water.

 Some places wer really wide at the top, and I am not tall of strong, so I opted for the freezing water.  One time Devon carried me accross, and it wasn't to deep,
 so I decided to just wade across the next one
 but it was really deep!  And really cold!
 The rest of the hike was amazing but not nearly as enjoyable for me.  It was a pretty cold day to begin with.  Devon gave me his sweatshirt but then I felt really bad that he had to give it up because of my wimpyness.

Oh well we made it through unharmed and if I ever do this hike again I will do it in the summer when you want to jump in cold water!


 Carrie and Leah in their matching sister jammies.  They really are the cutest sisters.  Every morning Leah gives Carrie a morning hug and Carrie says "That's my sister!"

 Leah always does what Carrie does... for now anyway
 Spencer participated in the spelling bee this year. He got first place in his class and then second place in the school- he worked hard and we are very proud of him!

 Carrie watching "I Love Lucy"
 Our friends were nice enough to share their Chinese New Year lantern with us, it was cool to light it and send it off!

 Silly kids

 A new favorite game "Baby Houdini" How to play, wrap Leah up as tightly as you can in a few blankets and see how long it takes her to get out.  Surprisingly enough Leah really enjoys it too.
 One long noodle
 Ready to go!
 James reading to Carrie
 Making a snowman with the little snow
 Best sisters
 Crazy hair day- we didn't have any hair color so I painted on their hair with washable glitter paint
Leah loves to hold the speaker and dance to the music
 Leah's first bubble bath, she would not put her arms down into the bubbles
Carrie however got right in.

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Christmas Trip

For part of our Christmas this year we did a family trip.  We had a time share kind of thing at a condo in Mesquite.  Besides the scary and stinky swimming pool it was actually a really nice place an besides Leah's left over cold we were all healthy the whole time.  Most of the kids slept through the night, but when Lean woke up there was a Downton Abby marathon on PBS- so it was okay.
Anyway we got there on Monday.  On Tuesday we went St George.  We toured the Brigham Young home and met up with our friends for lunch.  Then we went to the Children's Museum
 James playing mechanic
 The dinosaur room

 Cute little Leah
 One day we drove in to Las Vegas
 We went to the Shark Reef Aquarium, Spencer finally got up the courage to pet a sting ray

 A purple Christmas tree- go Cougars

 Daddy and Carrie and the lion fish
 Spencer and Komodo Dragon
 Spencer really wanted me to take a picture of him and the jelly fish because they are green!
 It was cool to see people swimming around in the tank, until we realized they were picking up the dead fish.
 Then we went to Circus Circus to play some games and watch a few shows, we saw some acrobats, a foot juggler and a clown.  Spencer got to go to a real Houdini magic shop which was on his bucket list.
 We went to the Bellagio to have Gellato and watch the fountains.  The Gellato was amazing as usual but I learned that unlike ice cream where chocolate is always your best bet, fruit is better in Gellato.

 The botanical Gardens at the Bellagio

 We got to see the fountains twice.  One time the background music was "Santa Baby" so Carrie was quite excited.
On the way out of Las Vegas we stopped at a triple D restaurant.  We were debating it had been a long day- would the kids be good, would it be worth it?  But it was sooooo delicious it would have been worth it if the kids ran around, but they were too tired to be crazy I guess.

One day we just hung out in Mesquite.  We went to a park, tried to swim and washed off a lot after, went to a cool little museum where the kids got to try a type writer (another thing check off of Spencer's bucket list) and ate a really yummy Chinese place that the kids have dubbed their favorite restaurant ever, for no anyway.
 Carrie bought an after Christmas sale hair kit that had a brush and princess clips and a crown.  She spent a lot of time in the bathroom doing this- I can't wait until she is a teenager.

 Hairdo with the crown
It really was a wonderful and relaxing trip