Monday, October 23, 2017

Also in July

 Spencer often mows the lawn when we visit my parents- he doesn't mind so much there because they pay him.
 Statue by the falls.
 This picture is just so special.
 One great thing about Blanding is we already had friends here.  This is the Hurst's back yard, President Hurst was the stake president when we went to church in Mexican Hat, so it's been fun to live just around the corner from them.
 And yes Blanding does have some beautiful scenery.

 We tagged along to a MV ward campout.
 A ventriloquist came to the Blanding library, the kids loved her!

 We got TONS of apricots,  We gave away a lot and sold some and bottled and dried too many.
 Leah finally decided she would not die, or even be in great danger if we left her in nursery.  She loves it now.
 I don't know why but Carrie really likes the floor in our storage room.

 Lots of swimming lessons in July.  Spencer got this rash about 1 week in,  It would go away at night but come back right after swimming and be so uncomfortable all day.  Thankfully my brother in law is an allergist, and the solution was quite simple- a swim shirt.
 Spencer learned to actually swim, like dive off the diving board and get to the edge alone.  HE loves swimming
 Carrie also enjoyed swimming.  James not so much but he eventually did put his head under the water.
 We have trees now, so we had a few baby birds, some the died and some that did not, in our backyard.
 We bought flamingos because I thought it would be fun to dress them up for each holiday like some people in idaho falls do, but Devon feels like flamingos are the most tacky decorations ever, so the girls use them for stick horses.

 Spencer even learned to do flips off the diving board.
James got Leah dressed, it looks like even she knows this doesn't match!
 A fun thing in our new house, a laundry shoot!
 Pictures like this remind me what life is really about.  I remember being SUPER overwhelmed in July, and now I can see why so much traveling, moving in, working, apricots- lots of stuff.  Life has thankfully slowed down a little now, at least I feel like my head is above water. It was a July full of adventure!

James' baptism

 James was baptized in Idaho Falls on July 28.  We did not get a group picture of everyone there but Grandma and Grandpa Gosney were there and Deon and family, Grandma and Grandpa Coombs, Emilee and Family, Rebecca and Jason, Melissa and family, Nathan and Hannah, and Natalie all made the trip for James.  It was a very special day, James is a very special boy.  We are so glad he is in our family.

Clifts visit

 The Clifts got the amazing honor of being our first house guests in our new house.  It is really nice to have more room so visitors can feel less crowded, although we still loved having company in our tiny apartment in MV.   Favorite place- Bluff Fort!

 We also went to the Dinosaur Museum. 
 Natural Bridges.  We did a few hikes

 And (finally) became Junior Rangers.  It was stormy but the lightning held off for us.

 One day we went to Indian Creek and Newspaper rock.  We played in the creek for a long time, and Devon supervised the building of this dam.  We also found a frog who got to have a few waterslide like trips down the dam whether he like it or not :)

 On this day we also went to the Pioneer Day parade in Monticello. The Clifts couldn't believe they actually throw candy here in the back woods.  I guess people in Oklahoma think it's too dangerous.
 Our next door neighbors have horses and invited us to come take a ride.  The kids loved it!

4th of July trip to Idaho

 My sister came from Florida to Idaho for the 4th of July, so we went too.    The cousins played tennis with Grandpa one morning

 Leah did not like nursery, and since we traveled so much in the summer she flatly refused to be left alone in a new place every Sunday.

 Everyone buyign fireworks
 Fireworks show in the backyard
 Cousin pictures by the falls

 Parade attire.

 I don't think the kids sat down most of the parade, except Leah who mostly sat down to eat the candy

 Cousin towers while waiting for the fireworks.  It was really fun to have almost everyone together.